ISSN: 7027-2221

Keywords : IGE

Study of serum interleukin-12 and total serum immunoglobulin-E in relation to bronchial asthma severity in childhood

Sattar jabbar Rahi

karbala journal of pharmaceutical sciences, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 103-110

Bronchial asthma is a major public health concern affecting 100-150 million people worldwide. Elevated total serum immunoglobulin E (IgE) is considered as an objective marker of allergy and has been associated with a number of respiratory disorder.Interleukin-12(IL-12) is a key cytokine involved in regulating the balance between TH1and TH2 cells by promoting TH1 response .Reduced capacity to produce this cytokine could lead aberrant TH2 development .The objective in this to find if any correlation between serum IgE level and serum interleukin-12 with severity of bronchial asthma for both the definitive diagnosis and the therapeutic strategy. A total of fifty patients with age 12years and below ( 28 males and 22 females) and twenty five of case controls with matched age and sex were randomly selected from apparently healthy individuals from January to June of 2010 who were attending the outpatient department in Kerbala teaching pediatrics hospital with symptoms suggestive of bronchial asthma .The patients who were not on any anti asthma medication in previous one week were included in the study. Blood sample was taken from each patient at time of attending , sera were separated and kept frozen at -200C until used .Serum interleukin -12 and total IgE levels were done by solid phase enzyme –linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). A significant decrease of serum levels of IL-12 was found in bronchial asthmatic children compared with normal controls .This significant decrease of IL-12was observed in sever asthmatic patients compared with mild and moderate cases. However there is increase of mean serum total IgE in bronchial asthmatic children compared to healthy control groups .mean serum IgE levels were increased as the severity of asthma increased . The present study suggested that the increased serum total levels IgE in bronchial asthmatic patients beside decreasing the serum interleukin-12 could be considered as a key component in bronchial asthma pathogenesis and hence their therapeutic manipulation may be help in bronchial asthma management.