ISSN: 7027-2221

Keywords : Zink Oxide

Preparation of Nanohybrid antifungal from Nystatin and determination its inhibitory efficiency against Candida spp.

Zahraa Shakir Mahmod; Ali Abdul Kadhim Al-Ghanimi

karbala journal of pharmaceutical sciences, Volume 6, Issue 9, Pages 145-165

A nanohybrid antifungal Nys-ZnO was prepared using sol-gel ion exchange method between
the antifungal Nystatin (Nys) and Zinc Oxide. The new nanoantifungal was identified. FT-IR
spectroscopy revealed the appearance of new groups in the Nys-ZnO spectrum which indicates the
formation of new compound. The X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) spectrum revealed the appearance of
new diffraction planes in the nanohybrid antifungal spectrum in compare with the spectrum of zinc
oxide. Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) showed the presence of some change in the Nys-ZnO
surface. The two and three dimensional image of the above compound in atomic force microscope
confirmed the formation of new antifungal with nanodimensions. The antimicrobial activity of the
nanohybrid antifungal was studied against 23 isolates of Candida. Results showed that highest
inhibition was obtained against isolate Candida tropicalis 4 with avarege inhibition zone of 24.08
mm .