ISSN: 7027-2221

Keywords : Taq polymerase

Optimisation of Standard PCR Programme

Zaid Al-Obaidi

karbala journal of pharmaceutical sciences, Volume 6, Issue 10, Pages 0-0

PCR is a very sensitive technique that gained its significance through the high contribution on
a variety of bioscience fields. It is not surprising that the most cited scientific paper in
biosciences is related to the PCR programme. The optimisation of the PCR is very important
to achieve amplification with reliable results. Variables like Mg++ concentration, template
DNA dilution, annealing temperature, and primers' concentration were optimized using
classical and touchdown amplification methods. Other PCR methods like hot-start can
improve the quality and the quantity of the PCR yield. The utilization of mathematical and
statistical ways in designing a PCR programme like Taguchi or chessboarding methods can
efficiently enhance the PCR reaction. Also the usage of very pure reagents and the utilization
of a suitable kind of the Taq polymerase would highly improve future experiments. This work
was performed to find the optimal reaction conditions for the utilized standard PCR