ISSN: 7027-2221

Keywords : Oxazepines

Synthesis and characterization of some new bis 1,3-oxazepines and 1,3-imidazolidine with evaluating of its biological activity.

Fawzi Hameed Jumaa and; Rashed Fadel Abbass

karbala journal of pharmaceutical sciences, Volume 5, Issue 7, Pages 108-122

In this study some new compounds have been synthesized including preparation of some different Schiff bases (1-5) from the reaction of aromatic amines with terphthadehyde in absolute ethanol and converted into derivatives of 1,3-Oxazepine (of ring closure reaction (2 +5) of Schiff bases with maleic anhydride in benzene (6-10) besides the 1,3- Imidazolidenon (11-15) and evaluation of biological activity for some of them. The prepared compounds were characterized by FT-IR spectra and 1H-NMR spectra for some of the prepared compounds besides the determination of their melting points and TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography.