ISSN: 7027-2221

Keywords : Reaven

Study Some of Biochemical Changes in Sera of Reaven's Syndrome Patient,s and it, s relationship with Diabetes Mellitus type II

Mousa; R.F

karbala journal of pharmaceutical sciences, 2014, Volume 5, Issue 8, Pages 56-63

Aim of this study to investigate the correlation of Reaven's Syndrome with the number and type of Diabetes Mellitus in both males and females diagnostic criteria in Iraqi patients /Babylon city .This study involved 85 diabetic patients(45 males and 40 females) with age (46-52 year) have a history of diabetes for 10 years and 80 healthy controls (40 males and 40 females) were randomly selected and they were examined for dyslipidaemia and Reaven's factors. Consulting the outpatient clinic at Merjan Teaching Hospital/Babylon city during May –July 2014 . For all patients anthropometric measures were obtained and fasting blood samples were taken for determination of blood glucose, lipid profile and C reactive protein ( CRP) level.Reaven's syndrome was diagnosed in all the samples under this research. The level of CRP was found to be significantly increased with increasing number of components of Reaven's syndrome(3.21 mg/dl) . While the lowest value of (0.13 mg/dl) was found in people with absent components of Reaven's syndrome (control). A significant positive correlation was observed between CRP, fast blood sugar (FBG) and triglycerides(TG)(3.21mg/dl ,120.7 mg/dl, and 189.14 mg/dl ,respectively, P<0.001) in patient with diabetic mellitus and a negative correlation with high density lipoprotein- cholesterol (HDL-cholesterol )(25.26 mg/dl, p=0.058) in the same time .