ISSN: 7027-2221

Keywords : amylase


Othman R. Hameed Alsamarrai

karbala journal of pharmaceutical sciences, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 257-263

The effect of paracetamol on the activity of saliva α-amylase was carried out. We prepared three different concentrations solutions of paracetamol (300, 500, 750) mg/100ml. The effect of different volumes (5, 10, 20, 30, 50) µl of paracetamol for each concentration were study. The results showed that paracetamol has inhibition effect on the activity of α-amylase enzyme and highest inhibition at 10µl of inhibitor, while the degree of inhibition for three different concentrations were (52.30, 54.34, 20.70) % respectively. Also, kinetic of enzyme showed km value 1.428 mmol/L, and Vmax value 30303.03 mol.liter-1.min-1, the result showed that inhibition is uncompetitive type.