ISSN: 7027-2221

Keywords : TYM

The Trichomonasis Spread Between Married Women Revisions to The Health Center in Samarra

Ilham Aed Asaad Al-Tikrity; Marwa Shakir Mahmood Al-Badry

karbala journal of pharmaceutical sciences, Volume 5, Issue 7, Pages 271-276

The current study was investigated the prevalence of Trichomoniasis among married women in Samarra city (Alqatoul center health -Samarra) for the period of 5/10/2012 -20/4/2013. The results were indicated that the total infection was 14.76%. The results showed differentiation in the percentage of infection according to the diagnostic methods, higher percentage for prevalence 14.76% and sensitivity 100% was obtained by culture on liquid medium by Diamonds’ TYM medium(Remel) diagnostic method while the prevalence of obtained by direct examination was 3.33% and sensitivity 22.58% .The infection percentages were different among the aged groups in which the highest percentage of infection was 29.03% in the aged group(26-30) year and lower percentage of 6.45% was in aged group (15-20) year. Also the results showed that the percentage of non-pregnant women infection was higher than the pregnant women, reached to 90.48% and 9.52% respectively, symptoms vaginal discharges gave a maximum infection rate reached to 100% while burning feeling lower percentage was 54.83%