ISSN: 7027-2221

Author : R. Mohammed, Haithem

The microbial contamination study of some herbal cosmatics products used in traditional medicine in Iraq

Ibrahim S.Abaas; Haithem R. Mohammed; Ali H. Majeed

karbala journal of pharmaceutical sciences, Volume 4, Issue 6, Pages 132-140

Herbal Cosmetic products contain variable amounts of natural material such as nutrients that support microbial growth. Most contaminants in herbal cosmetic products include bacteria sach as Staphylococcus ,Pseudomenas ,Klebsiella, Achromobacter and Alcaligenes. Contaminated water is likely source of organisms found in herbal cosmetic produets, extractes and crude of natural material.
Herbal cosmetic products sach as shampoo ,hand and body lotion ,facial cleanser,and liquid soaps were analyzed .In this study out of sixty herbal cosmetic products analyzed,27.3% were found to be contaminated.Most of the contamination was from bacteria while no fungal contamination was detected, The highest level of contamination occurred in shampoo. Viable bacterial were not recovered from 100%,92.7, 91.5% and 88.3% of showed herbal bath soaps,herbal facial cleanser ,hand and body herbal lotion and herbal shampoos, respectively .Coliforms were recovered from one sample of herbal shampoos. One isolate of shigella and paseudomonas earuginosa was detected from two samples of herbal shampoo.