ISSN: 7027-2221

Author : Abdul Kareem Raheem, Ali

Synthesis and Characterization of New Schiff Bases Linked to Sulfonamido Succinimide Moiety with biological Activity

Ahlam Marouf Al-Azzawi; Ali Abdul Kareem Raheem

karbala journal of pharmaceutical sciences, Volume 5, Issue 8, Pages 76-84

October Some new Schiff bases linked to sulfonamido succinimidi moiety have been synthesized via multistep synthesis. The first step involved reaction of succinic anhydride with aniline producing N-phenyl succinamic acid which was subsequently dehydrated to the corresponding N-phenyl succinimide via treatment with acetic anhydride and anhydrous sodium acetate. The synthesized imide was treated with chlorosulfonic acid in the third step producing 4-(N-succinimidyl)phenyl sulfonyl chloride which on amination with hydrazine hydrate in the fourth step afforded 4-(N-succinimdyl)phenyl sulfonyl hydrazine and this in turn when introduced in condensation reaction with various aromatic aldehydes and ketones afforded the target new Schiff bases. Structures of the prepared compounds were elucidated on the basis of FTIR, 1HNMR and 13CNMR spectral data which agreed with the proposed structures. The newly synthesized compounds are expected to have biological activity since they are built from biologically active components including succinimide, sulfonamide and Schiff base.