ISSN: 7027-2221

Author : A, H.

Compliance behaviors among patients undergoing hemodialysis therapy in Holy Kerbala / Iraq

H. A; Athbi

karbala journal of pharmaceutical sciences, Volume 6, Issue 9, Pages 78-90

Adherence to dialysis sessions attendance, fluid and dietary restriction, and medication
recommendations are essential for adequate management of hemodialysis patients. This will
help nurses staffs to identify gaps in their health education of patients on haemodialysis. The
ultimate goal is to improve patients’ adherence to haemodialysis, therefore effective
management of end stage renal failure population, consequently their quality of life. This
study designed to identify compliance behavior of hemodialysis treatment, medication, fluid
and diet restriction among patients undergoing hemodialysis therapy. A descriptive study was
carried out at hemodialysis unit in holy kerbala / Iraq, from the period of March, 2014 to
October, 2014. A purposive sample of 50 patients undergoing hemodialysis therapy were
selected randomly in AL-Husien medical city, and they were invited to be enrolled in the
study after taking their consent. The data were collected by means of direct interview
technique with the patients, through the use of end stage renal disease-adherence
questionnaire (ESRD-AQ). A descriptive statistical analysis procedures were used for the
data analysis. The results revealed that most of the study sample was female, within age
group more than 60 years old, illiterate, married, housewifes, and most of them were
suffering from hypertension. In addition, the majority of them were undergoing hemodialysis
treatment not more than five years, and received three dialysis sessions with three hours for
each session per week. There are a deficit in compliance behaviors toward hemodialysis
attendance, medications, fluid restrictions, and dietary restrictions. The study recommended
to educate patients with family involvement about the importance of adherence to
hemodialysis therapy, and future studies should be done to identify factors that effecting
compliance behavior among hemodialysis patients in holy kerbala.