ISSN: 7027-2221

Author : K.M,

A Study of Ibn Hayan Honey Antioxidant Power

Sowdani; K.M

karbala journal of pharmaceutical sciences, Volume 6, Issue 9, Pages 1-5

Reaching for a spoon of honey may do more than simply satisfy a sweet tooth; this paper
looks to compare the ferric reducing abilities of plasma (FRAP), for a 5 honey sampled from
around the world. FRAP was found to be as follows Australian Manulka+15 > Ibn Hayan II
> Ibn Hayan I > As-Sombola (KSA) > Ibn Hayan III (Iraq) > Essex-Bx (UK). The main
indicator of anti-oxidant power was the total polyphenol contents, and
hydroxymethylfulfural (HMF) to test the freshness of each sample sourced. All of the honey
studied had an additive impact of the levels of anti-oxidants in blood plasma. This plasma
was collected from 25 randomly selected healthy male volunteers from Baghdad, Iraq.
FRAP values were determined using different concentrations of honey samples and found to
have a positive correlation for all the honey included in this study. Interestingly, Ibn Hayan
(II) demonstrated a significant difference between experimentally determined and calculated
FRAP values. This may be attributed to the possibility of excess metallic or herbal
contaminants; this seems plausible given the relative purity of its Australian counterpart,