ISSN: 7027-2221

Author : Ahmed Abbas, Jamal

Response of two species of basil plant (Ocimum spp.L.) to spraying with methionine and salicylic acid on some qualitative character and volatile oil yield

Eman Fiasal Hassan Al-Shukry; Jamal Ahmed Abbas

karbala journal of pharmaceutical sciences, Volume 7, Issue 11, Pages 277-298

A field experiment was conducted in privet field at Kerbala governorate to investigate
the response of two species of basil plant Ocimum spp.L to foliar spray with
methionine and salicylic acid and their interaction in growth and yield components
during the growing season 2013-2014 and 2014-2015. Aspilt- plot Design experiment
with RCBD and 3 replicates, and three factors. the first, two species of basil, the first
was Ocimum kilimandsharicum L. and the second was local species Ocimum
basillicum L. they planted in the main plots. The second factor was the foliar spray
with 3 levels of Methionine (0 , 100 , 200 mg.L-1) was distributed in the sub- plots
and the third factor, foliar spray with salicylic acid at 3 level ( 0 , 50 , 100 mg.L-1 )
distributed in sub-sub-plots. The results was statistically analysis using SAS and the
means were compared using LSD at 5% .
The result of this study can be summarized as follows : the local species was
superior than the Camphor species on both seasons in the leaves content of total
chlorophyll , carotene , phenol , amino acids . the percentage of volatile oil and
volatile oil yield per unit area and they one 151.55 , 138.90 mg .100g -1 fresh weight ,
o.255 , 0.211 mg .100g -1 fresh weight , 194.08 , 186.10 mg .100g -1 fresh weight ,
0.758 , 0.692 % , 3.900 , 2.124 % and 62.78 , 45.73 L.ha-1 .
Foliar spray with methionine at a concentration 200mg.L-1 and salicylic acid at a
concentration 100mg.L-1 significantly effected on the leaves content of (chlorophyll ,
carotene , phenols , amino acid, percentage of volatile oil , volatile oil yield per unit
area .
The interaction between the two and three factors significantly effected on the on
qualitative characters .