ISSN: 7027-2221

Author : A, Z.

Preparation and In Vitro Evaluation of Orodispersible Tablets of Albendazole

Hasan; Z. A

karbala journal of pharmaceutical sciences, Volume 8, Issue 13, Pages 209-220

Orodispersible tablet (ODT) is a solid dosage form containing a drug substance that disintegrates and/or dissolves rapidly in the mouth without water within a few seconds to few minutes. In current study, Albendazole was selected to be formulated as a ODT. Six formulas of albendazole with three different superdisintegrating agents were prepared. Banana powder, Na croscarmellose and Na crospovidone were the chosen superdisintegrating agents. Direct compression method was employed for its simplicity and cost effectiveness. The effectiveness of the prepared formulas was tested by in vitro evaluation study depending on their disintegration times and drug release. Unlike croscarmellose containing formulas (F1 and F2), banana containing formulas (F3, F4 and F5) exhibited an increase in their disintegration times when their amount was increased. Although F6, that had crospovidone as a superdisintegrating agent, demonstrated an acceptable disintegration and % drug release profiles, F3 was the best formula regarding the % drug release. Hence, poor disintegration profiles do not necessitate low dissolution values of a given formulation. The delayed disintegration times of banana containing formulas could be attributed to its tendency to work as a binder. The binding tendency could be enhanced by increasing the amount of banana powder in formulations that have poor water soluble drug like albendazole.