ISSN: 7027-2221

Author : Hommadi Mahmood Al-Samarraie, Qutaiba

Study The Effectiveness of Honey on The Healing of Burns Compared to The Chemical Drug Silver Sulfadiazine

Qutaiba Hommadi Mahmood Al-Samarraie

karbala journal of pharmaceutical sciences, Volume 9, Issue 14, Pages 23-30

In this study 30 white mice were taken and the mice were burned by an iron alloy
(size 5 cm long and 2.5 cm wide) connected to an electric current after reaching the
redness and placed on the mice's back. The mice were divided into 6 mice for
treatment with honey burning at a concentration of 100%, 6% of mice treated with
honey at a concentration of 75%, 6 mice for treatment with honey concentration of
50%, 6 mice for treatment with chemical drug silver sulfadiazine and 6 mice for
control which placed in sterile cages to ensure no contamination of burns.
The most effective treatment was honey with a 100% concentration. It was cured
after 24 hours (the first day). After 72 hours (the third day), the burn was fully treated
until it was not cured, The least effective treatment is the chemical drug and honey
concentration of 50%. Swabs were taken from the burns. The results showed that the
1st & 2nd concentration doesnot containing any type of contaminated microorganism,
While the third concentration, control sample and Chemical treatments was found to
contain two types of pathogenic bacteria (pseudomonas aeruginosa & staphylococcus
aureus) witch cause infections in burned mice.